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a collecton of our sevices available for immediate booking
a collecton of our sevices available for immediate booking

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A woman-owned enterprise, Christine Conti has formed CONTI: a collection of products and services designed to create a full experience for clients looking to get to the next stage in their lives – whatever that stage may be.


Christine Conti is a former collegiate athlete, investment banker and English teacher who reinvented herself after a life-altering diagnosis at the age of 30. After a decade of being an "experiment of one," undergoing various chemotherapy treatments and learning holistic approaches to fighting and reducing symptoms of her disease, Christine is in remission and is ready to teach you how to live a more quality life!


Christine has since become a best-selling author, international chronic disease and fitness educator, motivational speaker, podcaster and ultra-endurance athlete. Christine has now spent over two decades researching and studying alongside leading doctors, exercise scientists, and nutritionists to prevent and battle disease through healthy lifestyles. She is the creator of multiple courses such as the Arthritis Fitness Specialist, Orthopedic Fitness Specialist, Chronic Disease Fitness Specialist, FallPROOF Fall Prevention, Eating Disorders for Fitness Professionals and Let's FACE It Together Facial Exercise & Rehabilitation.


Her signature best-selling inspirational book to grow courage and overcome fear, SPLIT-SECOND COURAGE, is available on AMAZON in paperback, e-book, and audible. 

 As a beginner to exercise, I'm very hesitant and scared to try new things, so I've been doing all of my workouts at home. Christine's class was one of the first ones I took, and I've been taking it ever since. It always feels good and gets my heart rate up. It doesn't require heavy flexibility, which I struggle with, and I get a lot out of it.  You've helped a sedentary person start their daily active routine.


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