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Let’s FACE It Together™ (LFIT) is a facial exercise and rehabilitation program that focuses on strengthening facial and neck muscles to improve oral and motor skills. Improve facial expression, confidence and fight the signs of aging in a natural way.

Most people spend a ton of time (and money) going to gyms around the world to work on strengthening the muscles in their body, but very few people spend any time strengthening the muscles in their face and neck.

Just as our muscles in our arms and legs will strengthen and grow when we embark on a fitness program, the muscles in our face and neck will strengthen and tighten when we exercise them on a daily basis; therefore decreasing fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Another important use for the Let’s FACE It Together™ program is to rehabilitate and restore muscle function in the face. Research shows that people who have suffered facial muscle trauma have been able to regain facial movements by increasing their facial muscle strength. In addition, those impacted by Bell’s Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, and many muscular degenerative diseases can keep their facial muscles functioning to their best ability when adding facial exercises into their daily routines.


Let’s FACE It Together™ is available in two options:

The Let’s FACE It Together™ Manual

26 illustrated exercises (PDF download)

The Let’s FACE It Together™ Certification Program

Includes access to 14 educational and demonstration videos, the Let’s FACE It Together™ manual and the Rollga Therapy Kit, which includes two massage balls. The Certification includes instruction and permission for professionals to create customized programs to use in their own fitness and therapeutic offerings.