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5 Ways to Feel your Best as a Woman

In March we celebrate and honor women who paved the way and give us inspiration every day. Let’s also remember to keep making ourselves a priority so we can perform and feel our best. We’ve made a simple list of 5 ways you can feel your best as a woman.


Whether it’s 15 or 60 minutes, set time in your calendar everyday for yourself. This could be time to meditate, exercise, or call someone who gives you joy. For me, I schedule time to move my body daily. It’s my non-negotiable. Whether it’s hitting the gym or sneaking a good run in, those endorphins are my best friend every damn day.  When we dedicate time to ourselves on a regular basis, it helps us create boundaries and improve our self worth. 


Hormone balance controls all functions in your body and guess what? Hormones are made up of what we eat. Here’s a list of foods you should be eating weekly: 

  • Seeds: raw pumpkin, flax seeds, ect are loaded with omega-3 fats with anti-inflammatory properties and soluble fiber to support hormone equilibrium and digestive well-being.

  • Legumes: lentils, peas, chickpeas are high in zinc and magnesium.

  • Fatty fish: Wild salmon, tuna, anchovies are loaded with omega-3s which help reduce inflammation and are building blocks for hormones.

  • Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts are  filled with sulfuric compounds, which assist the body in neutralizing and eliminating environmental carcinogens.

  • Citrus fruits and berries- huge provider of vitamin C and high antioxidants that’s crucial for optimal adrenal gland function. Additionally, they aid in stress management and play a role in regulating progesterone levels.

  • Quinoa-  Rich in fiber and low-glycemic, it's packed with minerals like zinc for immunity and magnesium for stress relief. Its fiber content promotes regularity and aids in daily toxin elimination.

3. HEALTH CHECK-INS. You should be checking in with your body by simply asking yourself questions. Why am I tired? What is stressing me out? Take the necessary action to relieve any uncomfortable symptoms. It could be as simple as breathing exercises to calm your nerves or ensuring you’re getting enough sleep every night. We also need to be booking our regular doctors appointments. Our annuals creep up quickly, but they are necessary for prevention of disease and improving our longevity. Yearly blood work- get it drawn! Over 40? Check your mammogram off your to-do list each year. 

4. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. We all juggle various roles. We are moms and sometimes feel like an unpaid chef, chauffeur, housekeeper or personal assistant, but this job is and always will be our most significant role in life. Some of us are also caregivers to others besides our kids. Others are breadwinners that come with the pressure to perform and earn a decent income. Then there are the side hustles and the part time jobs we take on to support our careers. Regardless of the size of your responsibilities, embrace them fully. Make it a priority to manage them to the best of your ability. As women, we accomplish incredible feats and deserve recognition for our efforts. Honor yourself for all that you do.

5. NEVER STOP LEARNING. It can be as simple as taking a cooking class or online workshop. Just as we exercise our bodies to live a better life, we need to exercise our brains too. Continuous learning enhances our independence and propels us forward. If you have long term goals for continuing education such as fulfilling a degree or certification- pursue them!  Setting goals to broaden our knowledge not only sets us up for success, but also enhances our longevity.


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