Deluxe Double Occupancy (Bring a Friend & Save)

Deluxe Double Occupancy (Bring a Friend & Save)


Are you ready to unlock your inner most power and begin to live the life of your dreams? It’s time to reinvent yourself. It’s time to reinvent yourself and create a life that is uniquely yours.


Reinventing the Woman is an immersive, stimulating all-women’s, all-inclusive,  life-changing retreat. Be prepared to ignite your passions, while crafting your personal vision for an Age Defying Life. Discover how to improve your overall health from the inside-out as you experience guided mind and body classes specifically designed for every fitness level. Engage in self-reflection through yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance, weight training and more.


Learn how to tap into your greatest potential by facing your fears and believe that anything is possible.


$1,846. per/person. Deluxe rooms are bigger and closer to the ocean.


Airfare not included.