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Thirst Fix Hydrating Moisturizer

Thirst Fix Hydrating Moisturizer



**A blend of Bioadaptive Botanical Helps your skin adapt to its environment, to Protect against and increase resiliency to, the damaging effects of everyday stressor like late nights, busy days, and urban pollution.

**Rapidly hydrates, refreshes skin and 24 hours of continuous moisturization.

**A clean formula with worry-free ingredients! Feel good about putting it on your skin.

**Destress, calm, and take control of your skin with this product.

**Keeps skin soft, protected, and comfortable during the day, and complement skin’s natural repair process for noticeably soft, youthful, radiant skin during the night to make sure no matter what life throws at you, your skin is always right!

**A lightweight, fast-absorbing features a smart HydraFlex Blend to refresh and moisture without leaving a heavy film.

**Suitable apply a generous amount to clean, dry face and neck for all skin types.

**Provides a cooling feel and refreshes while delivering rapid, ultra-lightweight hydration perfect for thirsty skin.

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Thirst Fix
Moisturizer Monthly Shipment
$60.00every month until canceled
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