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Heart Health Nutrition 101

When it comes to improving heart health and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, there

are NEW guidelines from the American Heart Association to improve cardiovascular

health. Take a look at the most recent guiding principles when it comes to heart health


● Maintain a healthy body weight by being aware of your caloric intake versus caloric

expenditure each day.

● Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

● Eat mostly whole grains instead of refined grains.

● Eat healthy proteins

○ Fish and seafood

○ Plant proteins: legumes/nuts

○ Low-fat or fat-free dairy products

○ Choose lean cuts of meat/poultry: avoid processed deli meats

● Cook with liquid plant oils (olive oils or vegetable oils)

○ Avoid tropical oils like: coconut, palm, animal fats such as butter and lard,

and partially hydrogenated fats.

● Avoid ultra processed foods: choose minimally processed ingredients

● Cut down on food and drinks with added sugars

● Cut down on cooking and consuming foods with extra salt

● Avoid alcohol or limit intake

● If dining out or cooking from scratch, THESE SAME TIPS APPLY!

Most importantly, the NEW guidelines place the focus on dietary patterns as opposed to recommending specific foods. This is important when considering the accessibility of

certain foods when it comes to your finances and free time. If possible, try to incorporate a

few of these recommendations into your diet and slowly begin to make it your lifestyle.


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