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Summer Sips: Unveiling the Hidden Risks of Drinking in the Heat

We're not saying you can't enjoy your cocktails this summer, but it's important to understand the risks of partying too hard. Below are our ten reasons not to over do it with the booze during the hot summer months.

1. Dehydration Risk: Alcohol is a diuretic, increasing urine production and leading to dehydration, which is exacerbated by hot weather.

2. Heat Stroke: Alcohol impairs the body's ability to regulate temperature, increasing the risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

3. Impaired Judgment: Alcohol impairs judgment and coordination, which can be dangerous during outdoor activities like swimming or hiking.

4. Sleep Disruption: Alcohol can interfere with sleep quality, leading to poor rest and increased fatigue during hot days.

5. Caloric Intake: Alcohol is high in empty calories, which can contribute to weight gain and affect overall health and fitness goals.

6. Skin Damage: Alcohol can increase skin sensitivity to the sun, heightening the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage.

7. Reduced Performance: Alcohol consumption can impair athletic performance, making it harder to enjoy summer sports and activities.

8. Nutrient Depletion: Alcohol can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients, which are vital for maintaining energy levels and overall health.

9. Hydration Alternatives: There are many healthier and hydrating alternatives like water, herbal teas, and electrolyte drinks that are better suited for hot weather.

10. Overall Health: Reducing alcohol intake supports liver health, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being, which is especially important during the physically demanding summer months.

Our rule of thumb when it comes to alcohol- keep it clean. Choose a spirit low in sugar such as tequila and mix it with club soda and a splash of lemon or lime. Avoid all sugary premade mixers. For wine, add some ice or make it a wine spritzer. Have fun and remember to drink responsibly .

Post Credit: Stephanie Neff of Neff's Nutrition


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